Fraternity life is one of the best decisions a college student can make.

There are countless reasons to join a Fraternity; here are just a few

Fraternity and Sorority Life makes up around 20% of the undergraduate student population at Virginia Tech

With four different councils across all majors and students, Virginia Tech FSL creates an incredibly diverse environment.

The all-fraternity and sorority grade point average is higher than the all-undergraduate average at Virginia Tech

Fraternities offer excellent academic support for every major

Most of the top student leaders and many high-ranking campus administrators at Virginia Tech are members of a fraternity or Sorority

Fraternity members are class officers, involved in student government, on Homecoming court, members of CEED, coordinate Relay for Life, and many more.

Less than 2% of college expenses goes towards dues

Fraternity's membership dues at Virginia Tech tend to range between $300-$500 per semester

On average, Fraternities alone raise more than $60,000 per semester for chairity

Most IFC Fraternities host a fall and spring semester philanthropy for their respective orgnaizations

94% of the North America's largest companies are led by Fraternity and Sorority members

The connections made during college last a lifetime