Dear Alumni,

On behalf of the Virginia Tech Interfraternity Council, I would like to welcome you to Whether you are still active with your organization, or are just interested in checking in, it is here you can find a breadth of information concerning your chapter and the Interfraternal Community as a whole.


The Virginia Tech Interfraternal Community has made great progress in the time you have been gone. With a now 30 member caucus, Virginia Tech boasts one of the Nation’s largest IFC communities. It has been my privilege to work alongside and serve with the great men belonging to these organizations, and I am happy to inform you that our community is thriving, continually innovating, and proudly witnessing the development of tomorrow’s impactful leaders. While you have since graduated, that physical departure need not be the end of your involvement. We have been making great strides in the community engaging and inspiring courageous leaders on this campus, and we would like to encourage your continued support and involvement with the exceptional young men furthering your legacy.


Finally, I would like to encourage you to visit our campus and personally welcome you to reach out to me if you have any questions about how you can get involved.

  • Jake Gaddis
    Jake Gaddis President

A word from recent alumni about their IFC experience

  • When I look back at the time I spent as an undergraduate at Virginia Tech the one experience that stands out above all others is when I decided to become a part of the Greek community and join a fraternity. When I joined Tau Kappa Epsilon as a freshman, I knew I was joining something that was bigger than myself. What I didn't realize was that I was joining something bigger than my one organization. That's what is unique about the IFC. You don't just join one group, but rather a community.
    Through fraternity, I have learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined. It taught me about leadership, organization, values, and helped me develop into the man I wanted to become. The best part is that I know this is only the beginning. Membership in a fraternity isn't just for four years, but a lifetime.
    Shaun Taylor
    Shaun Taylor Tau Kappa Epsilon - Graduated 2013
  • During my time as an undergrad at Virginia Tech, IFC seemed like that responsible older brother that was just too old and separate from my life to understand what it was like being a kid. He was always trying to get you to think about your future, the impact your behaviors had on others, and take responsibility for your actions when all you wanted to do was have fun. So what did I do, I separated myself from that older brother as much as possible. I thought if I ignored him, maybe he wouldn't notice me. But then something strange happened; I realized he and I were more similar than I thought. We held similar values, similar worldviews, similar goals and aspirations for ourselves and our friends. 
    Membership to an organization that is a part of IFC was an overwhelming positive experience. It provided me with an environment that challenged me and my peers to better ourselves, our organizations, our university, and our community. My experience was so meaningful that my career aspirations shifted based of the values I learned through my experience with IFC. I want to address society's most pressing social problems, which stems from fraternal values such as service, leadership, responsible citizenship, and achievement. Today I serve as an advisor to IFC chapters. In some ways I've become that older brother's older brother...strange how that happens. 
    Kyle Pacqué
    Kyle Pacqué Pi Kappa Phi - Graduated 2013